Ponytails feels like a floating cloud in an endless sky. The guitar work is light and ambient, sliding through melodies with a simple sway and grace.”


Ponytails came to fruition in March 2016, best friends Harvey Merrit (vocals, bass) and Travis Goeres (lead guitar) Motivated by losing their jobs, new found sobriety and the loss of love they rented out a cold room in an abandoned building, smoked, argued and wrote what would become their self titled EP.

Recorded at Little Red Sounds with producer Felix Fung and Liam Less (bass/rhythm guitar) in September 2016 And recorded over the course of three long days live off the floor. This pushed the band and producer to their fullest with their songs raw emotions captured in an honest soundscape. The band released their first single "Pieces" on October 1st 2016 followed by a full release of the EP on November 1st.

The anticipation of their EP was stregthened by word of mouth from their electric live performances, off stage antics and DIY social media presence. They have been described as, "mutated brew of elegantly structured, psychadelically-tinged pop and rock with a decidedly retro vibe." 

Drummer Graham Serl joined the band in late 2017 and Jasper Sloan Yip in mid 2018 both powerful additions to help hone the arrangements and round out the bands sunburnt surf sound. 

"Darlings" released in August 2018 main single and video "Cherry Pie" directed by Lester Lyons-Hookham premiered on GetAlternative.com to sparkling reviews and a sold out release show at Vancouver's Fox Cabaret. Featured on multiple blogs and playlists, the critical reception thus far shows nothing but promise for this upcoming band.

They have shared the stage with the likes of La Luz, Widowspeak, Peach Pit, And Leisure Club. They recently toured with Peach Pit on the end leg of their US tour in October 2018. They will also release series of singles and music videos starting in 2019 and will release a full length LP in the fall of 2019.

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